Memorable Scripture: Ancient Boundary

Proverbs 22:28
Do not remove the ancient landmark
Which your fathers have set.

I remember a lesson from church camp several years ago. The lesson was on boundaries.
One teacher put “Caution” tape around the seats where his class of boys would sit. The boys began arriving for the lesson but stopped when they saw the tape.
They stood around, staring at the tape, and tried to decide what to do.
Finally, one of them lifted the tape, went under it, and sat down. Another boy followed suit. And another and another until they were all sitting.
All it took was one person to cross the boundary and the others followed.
I wonder what that one boy would have done if none of the others had sat with him.
Would he step back outside the boundary or continue to sit by himself.
Since he faced no opposition to his action, we will never know.

God’s word gives boundaries and we ignored each one by one.

We crossed the boundary for abortion, fornication, honesty, virtue, same-sex marriage, truth, and the respect of God.
Once the boundary is crossed or moved it is extremely difficult to return.

Even though others cross God’s boundaries, you need to keep yourself from doing it. When you stand before God and give your account, He isn’t going to accept the excuse that “everyone else did it.”

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