Memorable Scripture: Repent and Regurge

Jonah 2:10
So the Lord spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.

In the beginning, Jonah wasn’t ready or willing to trust God.
God prepared a great fish and allowed it to swallow him in order to prepare him for the task.
After three days and three nights Jonah prays, “I will pay what I have vowed.” Jonah 2:9
It’s a vomit moment in his life.
Jonah repented of his unwillingness and the fish regurgitated him on his way.

There are a few examples of God allowing people to endure hardship in order to prepare them for His service.
David, Daniel, Jeremiah, Peter, John, and Paul all went through difficult times and became stronger because of it.
So when difficulties come your way embrace it in prayer and seek out God’s purpose for you.

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