Memorable Scripture: Scripture and the Power of God

Matthew 22:29
“You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God.”

This is a powerful statement.
It was originally directed toward the Sadducees. (vss 23-28)
The question involved the Law and a hypothetical situation. The Sadducees used the Law of Moses to present their question.
Jesus also used scripture to present His answer.
I believe scripture is the ultimate answer in all things.
Jesus lived during a time and among a people whose lives were surrounded by Law and the Prophets.
Today it is quite different. Many have no respect or use for scripture.
For the atheist, scriptures are fairytales.
For an agnostic, scripture doesn’t matter either way.
Selfish people and carnal Christians bend the scripture to suit their own needs.
And other religions have no use for them.
That’s all very sad but not as sad as the number of Christians that do not know the scripture nor the power of God in their lives.
To live by the word of God is to open yourself to a powerful source of inspiration, encouragement, healing, forgiveness, love, and salvation.

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