Memorable Scripture: Son of God

Luke 3:38
…the son of Adam, the son of God.

Two genealogies of Jesus are given, one from Matthew and one from Luke.
I suspect Matthew, being Jewish, would give the lineage of Jesus through Joseph.
Matthew begins with it but only goes back to Abraham, the “father” of all Israel.
Luke, being a physician, is probably more interested in the biology of it and would look at the lineage of Mary.
Luke begins the genealogy with Jesus, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph Luke 3:23) and ends with “the son of Adam, the son of God.”
The Son of God is a term Jesus uses of Himself.
However, Adam is also a son of God, with no human parents, whereas Jesus had a human mother.
In a sense, Adam was created more perfect than Jesus.
Adam sinned. Jesus did not.
Adam hid from God. Jesus embraced the Father.
Adam did not listen to God’s word. Jesus only spoke God’s word.
Through Adam, Eve was created. Through Jesus everyone is recreated.
Through Adam’s curse man gets bread by hard work and sweat. Jesus came as the Bread of Life.
In Adam all die. In Jesus all are made alive.
Adam became a living being. Jesus became a life-giving spirit.
Today, do not choose to live the way of your ancestor Adam.
Choose to live the way of your Savior, Jesus Christ.

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