Memorable Scripture: Raised from the dead

John 11:45-46
Then many of the Jews who had come to Mary, and had seen the things Jesus did, believed in Him. But some of them went away to the Pharisees and told them the things Jesus did.

Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave after his being dead for four days.
I think it quite a miracle for someone to be raised from the dead and someone to do the raising.
Our verse shows a great difference in people.
Some of the Jews believed in Jesus.
Others couldn’t wait to tell the Pharisees the trouble Jesus was causing by raising people from the dead.
I don’t know about you but I would tend to believe in someone’s claim of messiahship if he could raise the dead.
Then again, I think from many it would be difficult to distinguish a true Spirit-led resurrection or a fake one.
I believe in the book of Revelation it hints toward a messiah-like person raising the dead but not through the power of God.
As for me, I was not there when Lazarus was raised from the dead and yet I accept Jesus as Messiah, as Savior, as the Son of God!


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