Memorable Scripture: None righteous

Romans 3:10
“There is none righteous, no, not one;”

This scripture is one of the main verses of the Roman Road to salvation.
It reiterates a message basic to the Bible – everyone is a sinner.
No matter how many good deeds you do or how good you think you are, you are still unrighteous.
This is God talking here! He is the one that says no one is righteous!
That includes you and me.
The Roman Road continues to point out our sinful condition and God’s prescription for it, which is the death of Jesus on the cross.
While you and I are worthy of death because of sin, He was worthy of life because of a lack of sin but died for sin so you and I can have life.
It’s very simple, isn’t it?
So simple, many can’t conceive it and keep trying to prove how good and worthy they are of heaven.
But it can’t be done that way.
Your worthiness is the worthiness of Christ in you.

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