Memorable Scripture: The Dead don’t Sin

Romans 6:7
For he who has died has been freed from sin.

What a great truth from God’s word.
The dead don’t have cancer.
The dead don’t have money problems.
The dead don’t sin.
The living may die of cancer, die with money problems, and die in sin but after that those problems don’t exist
You may disagree when I say the dead don’t sin.
You may think they curse God.
Jesus told the story of a rich man that died and ended up in a place of torment.
He did not curse.
He did not blaspheme.
In fact, he was very concerned about his living brothers and wanted a change in their lives so they did not die and come to the same place.
He was dead indeed and did not sin.
However, to die in sin is to die without Christ.
To die without Christ is not good.
The preferable way is to die in Christ and live free of the bondage of sin.
Live a life dead to sin!
Live a life free from sin!

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