Memorable Scripture: Live by faith.

Romans 14:23
…for whatever is not from faith is sin.

I found this verse about 20 years ago.
It is tacked onto the end of the verse but just sums it all up.
Time and time again God says to live by faith, walk by faith, and keep the faith.
Why is it so important?
This scripture tells you why.
If it doesn’t come from faith then it is sin.
Many things we do are classified as sin by God’s word.
The Ten Commandments give a basic foundation of sin.
It’s more than just breaking the Commandments, it’s about trusting God!
Trusting God takes faith.
It’s all about faith.
Faith is very hard to do unless it’s habit.
We don’t get up and go to work by faith. We do it by habit.
True faith goes against habits.
True faith is better than habits.
Living by faith only increases with more living by faith, after all, whatever is not from faith is sin.

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