Memorable Scripture: My Example

1 Corinthians 11:1
Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.

I just mentioned that verse last night in our Bible study.

All of us have someone as an example for us – either for good or bad behavior.
Parents are the first, followed by other family, then friends, and classmates.
I remember seeing my parents open and close a car door that was not closed completely. This was usually discovered while going down the road and hearing the wind around the door. They would just open and close it.
I remember wanting to try it
Remember, this was a time when children sat in the front seat, unrestrained, and no car seat.
I probably wasn’t more than four or five years old.
I pretended to close the car door and as my mom pulled out of a driveway and turned left, my door began to fly open.
She quickly grabbed my arm before I went tumbling out onto the road.
I find imitating Christ much safer.
Paul did not say, “Imitate me!” and stop.
He went on to say, “Imitate me only as I imitate Christ.”
Jesus was his example of how to live and he wanted others to take note of the change Christ did in his life.
I hope I become a better example of Christ living in me and that you can see Him doing so in my life.


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