Don’t be a Judas

Luke 22:48 “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?”

How could someone be with Jesus for three years and not be affected by His love?
How could he hear the word spoken from the lips of the Savior and not have a changed heart?
How could he see miracles and not bless His name?
He was a witness of all Jesus said and did and yet found it easy to betray Jesus with a kiss.
There are churches that compromise their doctrine for the sake of keeping up with popular thought.
The Gospel is watered down and sin is softened for the sake of not offending people.
But what about the individual that says “bless the Lord” with the mouth on Sunday but then curses on Monday?
Is that not a betrayal?
Or the person seen in church raising hands to heaven but seen on the road giving a rude hand gesture to an inconsiderate driver?
Is that not a betrayal?
Don’t be a Judas!

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