Follow Me

Matt 9:9 “Follow Me.”

What do those two words mean to you?
Is it a command or a request from the Lord?
Do you follow Him physically or spiritually?
I’m sure it means different things to different people when it should mean one thing – follow Me!
For the ones He spoke the words to, most of them dropped what they were doing and followed Him.
Presently, each person that accepts Jesus as savior has heard the words “follow Me”.
Sadly, just like in Jesus’ days, many abandon Him.
To follow someone takes intent and effort.
You must get up with purpose to follow Him every day.
It’s not a once a week or three times a month following.
It is daily as He said, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” Luke 9:23
I often say read the Bible every day, which is a part of following Him for me.
Since I’m on vacation I haven’t got up early, read, and wrote about the scripture.
I haven’t followed Him, in a sense.
I must intentionally get up and read but then I need to comment and try to help someone else in order to fulfill the words “Follow Me!”
Perhaps those two words of scripture are the only two you will read all day.
And perhaps the words I wrote are the only thoughts about the scripture you will have all day.
If I stop in my tracks and don’t follow Him, I may cause someone to stop in their tracks too, or worst, trip over me like I’m a stumblingblock.
I surely don’t want that!

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