Step Forward

Mark 3:3 “Step forward.”

Those two words were spoken to a man in the synagogue one Sabbath day.
This particular man had a withered hand.
There is no record if he asked for healing, although I suspect he longed for it.
Since the scribes and Pharisees watched Jesus to see if He would heal him on the Sabbath, I suspect the man was planted there as a means to accuse Jesus.
If so, the man would be in trouble with the religious leaders if he did not step forward; if he somehow wanted to protect Jesus by refusing healing on the Sabbath.
On the other hand, if he does not step forward he will not be healed.
I’m sure the handicapped individual had heard of other miracle healings at the hands of Jesus.
He made his decision, stood up, and stepped forward.
He stretched out his hand and it was restored as good as the other.
I had a high school teacher that encouraged us to enter our artwork into contests with the words, “you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”
The same is true with a personal relationship with the Savior.
All you need to do is step forward.