Who is Jesus to you?

Luke 9:20 He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”

During His life, many thought Jesus was one of the Old Testament prophets, like Elijah or Jeremiah.
A few others thought John the baptizer was raised from the dead.
Even today there are different ideas of who Jesus is.
But there is one question you should ask yourself, “do I believe He is the Savior – the only way to eternal life?”
Certainly, many do not believe it.
Some people witnessed Jesus perform miracles and did not believe it.
In fact, they plotted to kill Him.
Who is Jesus to you?
I believe a believer should live like they actually believe, but many that say they believe effectively kill Him out of their lives every week.
They don’t pray.
They don’t read His word.
They don’t gather in the fellowship.
Who is Jesus to you?