The Spoken Word

Rom 10:17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

I learned something in Sunday School yesterday and hope everyone else did too.
David pointed out in the scripture the last three words “word of God” is from the Greek “Reema Christos“, or spoken word of the Anointed (Messiah).
I’ve meditated on it and have some thoughts.
Hearing is not just sound waves entering your ears and stimulating the auditory organs and brain.
Hearing is understanding and knowing what you heard.
So, when the word speaks to you and causes you to react in faith, that means you finally heard it.
Although you can read the Bible with your eyes and mind, you must have understanding for it to have spoken to you.
And there is something different about the spoken word.
By the spoken word of God, He created everything.
The plagues of Egypt were just plagues but because Moses spoke God’s word before each one, the disasters became powerful.
The prophets wrote down many things but not until after they spoke what God said.
Jesus cast out demons, calmed storms, and raised the dead with a spoken word.
Your faith is demonstrated when you speak the word too!
So, speak God’s word aloud and clear today to someone!

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