Dressing casual suits me.

Matt 6:28 “So why do you worry about clothing?”

There was a time, as a pastor, I dressed up in a suit every Sunday – three-piece with tie and shiny black shoes.
I had ties for Christmas, shirts for the 4th of July, and tie clasps for different occasions.
When I began preaching at Crossroads I began dressing more casually with slacks and a collared shirt.
That eventually gave over to blue jeans and pullover collared shirts.
Now you’ll see me in overalls most of the time.
One of the reasons I don’t wear a suit and have started wearing overalls is to remove an excuse.
You see, I have heard it many times when I invite someone to church – “I don’t have anything to wear!”
So, why do you worry about clothing?
It’s not what you wear, it’s that you’re there!
As long as what you wear is modest.
I’ll admit I have had to talk to a few young ladies about revealing clothing and a few young men about sloppy clothing.
Dress nice, dress casually, and don’t let clothing keep you from church.

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