Employees and Employers

I don’t believe in slavery. The United States has a deep history of slavery that has reached into present day.

The Bible has much to say about slavery and I often wondered why it wasn’t just condemned – maybe a commandment that says “Thou shalt not have slaves!” Continue reading

Free from Sin – Not to Sin!

set free copyOn the last Thought I shared verses that say under the Law there was a remembrance of sin year after year and therefore there was sacrifice for sin year after year.
But Jesus came once for all time because He does what the blood of bulls and goats cannot do – cleanse all sin from your life. Continue reading

The technology of salvation

I have an iPhone 4S, which comes with Siri.
Siri is a speech-recognition computer application. It has both speech input and output, meaning you can speak to it, and it can speak back to you.
You speak to Siri to ask it questions and give it commands, such as small tasks that you’d like it to complete. Continue reading