Giving Up!

ephphathaMark 7:33, 35 – Then, spitting on His own fingers, He touched the man’s tongue. Instantly the man could hear perfectly, and his tongue was freed so he could speak plainly!

If a doctor with a 100% reputation for healing said he could heal you but would have to spit on your tongue – would you let him? Continue reading

My mouth is cruisin’

This will be my last Morning Thought for a few days. Linda and I will be going on a cruise tomorrow and will be somewhere in the Caribbean.
Neither of us have ever been on a cruise before. In fact, the only boats we’ve been on would be a bass boat or a ferry. Continue reading

Don’t be a ship tossed on the sea!

Facebook has afforded us a glimpse into each others lives and a proof of a Biblical perspective.
If you’re like me, you have certain friends that will be happy one day and miserable the next; they’ll be in the best relationship and the love of their life, the next moment they are single.
You see them praising God today, cursing men tomorrow; Continue reading