Being Jealous

Nikon_D5000I learned another great lesson the other day.
I was talking with one of the young ladies in church about using her in a photo shoot. It didn’t seem like the weather was going to cooperate so I had to try and reschedule.
I offered an alternative day but she told me that another photographer was taking her pictures on that day.

Something instantly came over me; a feeling that I don’t deal with very often. It was jealousy.
Now to be sure of what I am talking about, I took the liberty of looking up the definition of the word on-line.

Jealousy means:
1.resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another’s success or advantage itself.
2. mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc., as in love or aims.

Though I’m not a professional photographer, I did admire the work of the rival. He really does good work.
I’m also wary about the other photographer because of some of the photos that he has taken of other young ladies.
This will bring up the third definition of jealousy – vigilance in maintaining or guarding something.

I am very protective of my church members, my friends, my family, my coworkers.

I also understand a basic principle of God. You must worship no other gods, for the Lord, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you. Ex 34:14

God has no rival other than the fabrications of people.
On the other hand, He is very vigilant in maintaining and guarding His relationship with you.

Be jealous for the Lord today!

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