On the Mountain Top!

mountain-top-crossYou have heard someone say, “I’m on the mountain top”, usually referring to a great experience. I know I have heard many Christians say it when it comes to the joy and peace of a filling of the Holy Spirit.

I know I have used it myself in referring to God dealing with me. Continue reading

If it’s called a Fast then why is it so slow? (pt 1)

fasting2I believe each Christian seeks a closer relationship with Father. Prayer and Bible reading are excellent ways to begin – there is no denying!
But look what God says in 2 Chron 7:14 – if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. Continue reading

Law of Moses 106 – A Christian Perspective

torahSo here is the question one of my youth asked, “Do we still have to follow the Law of Moses?”
That is an excellent question and a sensitive one.
I have Christian friends that I respect that follow Torah, which, for all practical purposes, is the Law of Moses. Torah actually means Law and often refers to the first five books of the Bible, all written by Moses. Continue reading

Fulfilling the Feast – What is next?

Passover-LambThe following excerpt is from the booklet A Christian Love Story by Zola Levitt.

Now when Jesus actually went to the cross, we might think His Father had special mercy on Him. It normally took three days for a person to die by crucifixion. Continue reading

Do You Have the Courage?

Woman holding red apple on black backgroundDo you have the courage to stand for Christ – to stand for virtue and morality?
Christians are redeemed by Christ but not immune from temptation. But with the help of the Holy Spirit it is easier to fight off temptations.

So do you have the courage to face temptation and say, “No!”? Continue reading

FaceTime with God

facetimeI have a daughter that lives just north of Dallas. She is married and has a son, Barrett. We call him Bear.

I am thankful they do not live in California or New York, where it would take an airliner to get us there and those visits would be few and very far between.
And still it is difficult to make the 4-hour trip very often. Continue reading

Now! Today!

doitnow2Lately I’ve noticed how much time is spent on planning for the next future event. Everyone does it.

On Facebook it looks something like this, “I can hardly wait. Next week I’ll be lying on the beach soaking up the sun.”
Or this one, “I’m not looking forward to next week. I’ll be having tests run.” Continue reading

Being Jealous

Nikon_D5000I learned another great lesson the other day.
I was talking with one of the young ladies in church about using her in a photo shoot. It didn’t seem like the weather was going to cooperate so I had to try and reschedule.
I offered an alternative day but she told me that another photographer was taking her pictures on that day. Continue reading