FaceTime with God

facetimeI have a daughter that lives just north of Dallas. She is married and has a son, Barrett. We call him Bear.

I am thankful they do not live in California or New York, where it would take an airliner to get us there and those visits would be few and very far between.
And still it is difficult to make the 4-hour trip very often.
But Bear knows Linda and I as his grandparents; he recognizes our faces.
I’m going to give some of that credit to FaceTime.

Linda and I can connect with Lindsey via our iPhone and see and hear each other.

This is not a totally new technology since many have been using webcam’s and something like Skype for a few years.
This technology is able to keep wives and children in touch with husbands and dad on the battlefield in Afghanistan. Or keep grandparents in touch with a grandson in Dallas.
FaceTime is really great in my book but it goes beyond keeping in touch with family.

You must have FaceTime with God.
God is not accessed through an iPhone or Skype.
An encounter with God is only done face-to-face.

So the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. Ex 33:11

No doubt an encounter with God may not take on the same characteristic that Moses had.
Yet you have something that Moses did not have – a Bible.
You can gain a great understanding of the love, grace, and forgiveness of God.
You can read stories of others that had facetime with Him and how that turned out.
You can gain an understanding of what God requires of you.
You can get to know Him as well as Moses knew Him.

This facetime is more than just reading about Him. You can also talk to Him in prayer.
The more you pray, the more you will hear and understand Him. The more you will experience that love and grace He has for you.
Experience it for yourself!
No iPhone, webcam, or internet connection is needed.

One thought on “FaceTime with God

  1. Over the years I’ve craved conversation with God, as many of His children do. In the last few years I’ve come to realize I do have that. It does requires drawing closer & closer to Him to be able to reconizing His voice. Sometimes all we hear are the scriptures in our minds. Sometimes it’s in a dream, or vision. Once I actually hear His voice…He spoke my name. And I heard volumes. And He speaks through our friends, and always through the written Word. He said if we’d draw nigh to Him He would come closer to us. He wants that face to face time with us too,


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