I think I’ll think about that!

thinker“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” Isaiah 55:8

Have you just let your Bible fall open and start reading from wherever it landed?
I did that this morning.
It’s a bit different when you use a Bible on your computer. Instead of setting it on edge and letting it fall open, I had to grab the scroll on the side and just move it and let go.
It’s very sensitive – able to scroll the entire Bible in a matter of about 6 inches. That’s 11 books an inch!

Isaiah 55:8-13 is where my Bible fell “open” this morning.
I’ve read that section many, many times.
It’s always good to revisit and be reminded.

How many thoughts have you had so far today?
For me I thought about getting up at 3am, since I was awake. But I didn’t.
Then I got up at 4am after a bit more thought.
I thought about praying – so I did.
I thought about making a cup of coffee, watching the weather, and glimpsing at the news (I wanted to see if there was anything about Phil Robertson).

I sat down and thought about a Morning Thought and that’s when I thought about just letting it “fall” open.

Now what do you think God thought about so far today?
I’m pretty certain none of my thoughts today equaled His thoughts today!
Compared to God, my thoughts of coffee and weather were small and self-centered.

David said, “The Lord knows people’s thoughts; he knows they are worthless!” Ps 94:11
But He is right.
My thoughts this morning are really worthless. They have no eternal value. They change no one’s life. They offer no one help.

I know this makes me want to think a little bit more about what God is thinking. My best source is the life of Jesus.
So I think I’ll think about that!

One thought on “I think I’ll think about that!

  1. Not only can we know what God thinks about wrong thinking, but we can know how to fix the problem. That’s in Phil.4:8. God tells us what to think on. That will set our feet on the correct path! And too, God wants a deeper relationship with each of us. While we are in the right place with Him, He reveals His own heart to us. I know is sounds easy, I know it’s not. There are so many distraction in life (their not all bad!) Christ , Himself, sought a quiet place to be alone with Father. We also have to seek quiet places.


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