Let’s get stoned (part 3)

“Hey, he was just exercising his first amendment rights! Lay off!”
“I support stone control! There are too many stones in the hands of our youth!”
“It’s an act of hate against those peaceful loving Philistines.”

That could have been some of the things said if the story of David and Goliath had taken place today.

The story, found in 1 Samuel 17, tells of a 9’-9” man, whose sheer size put fear into the entire army of Israel.
Each day he would taunt the Israelites to send out their best warrior to meet him – winner takes all.

Goliath was fully armed with a sword, javelin, and armor, while David had little more than his regular clothes and a sling.

Then David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone; and he slung it and struck the Philistine in his forehead, so that the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the earth. 1 Sam 17:49

“That youngster, David, cheated!”
“It wasn’t a fair fight!”
“That David is an intolerant individual. And his actions will not be tolerated!”

David threw or rather slung a stone – the stone of conquest!

Sometimes you just have to throw a stone at what is evil, despite the rebuke you will receive from many today. You may be called racist, intolerant, bigoted, or judgmental. But wrong is wrong and sin is sin.

“Who are you to judge me?”

David’s response to that may have been this line:

“You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” 1 Sam 17:45

To be victorious over sin you will have to throw a stone.

Next time I want to show you what that stone is!

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