Godly men teach a child!

Even a child is known by his deeds, whether what he does is pure and right. Prov 20:11

Children often imitate instead of initiate. They learn by using all senses, including hearing and seeing.
Television is more of an enemy than friend. Although many learning programs that teach colors, numbers, alphabet, friendship, sharing, and healthy issues, programs that are mindless stupidity teaching nothing relevant outnumber them.

Children imitate adults so it stands to reason that when three men go forward to fufill a vow and let the pastor cut off their hair, a child will take notice.
My grandson, Dawson, is that child.

Sunday he ran forward, jumped up in the chair, and said, “Cut my hair, da!”
I looked at my daughter, who said he needed a haircut anyway.
So I buzzed off his hair too!

Dawson watches TV. Some of his programs teach him teamwork, sharing, colors, and counting. He likes Little Big Shots, a show about talented kids.
But I’m glad that he gets to witness men of God in action. Godly men and women teach a child! That’s not something you get from TV. You find it in real life at your local church.

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