Memorable Scripture: Despising your birthright – giving it up for a trivial thing.

And Esau said, “Look, I am about to die; so what is this birthright to me?” Gen 25:32

The first-born son had privileges his siblings did not.
Upon the father’s death the first-born son would take over. Twice as much of the inheritance belonged to him.
The Biblical patriarchs blessed the son to continue in the service of the Lord God.

Esau is the first-born but flippantly traded his birthright to his younger twin for a bowl of stew.
Perhaps he really did not mean it and would not follow through on allowing Jacob to take the inheritance that belonged to him. When it came time for Isaac to bless him, Esau did not reply, “No, father, you cannot bless me. I traded my birthright to Jacob one day so give everything to him!”

However, Jacob and God took Esau seriously. It is written, Esau despised his birthright. Gen 25:34 He despised his father and his God.

Words, even in a joking, sarcastic, or flippant manner, carry weight. Your words convey your heart. Those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. Matt 15:18

Forgiveness of sin and eternal life is your birthright, given to you by what Jesus did on the cross. Sadly, many trade that birthright for worldly things that eternally mean nothing and soon pass away.

For those that accept Christ as Savior, you are born-again receive the special birthright with God.
But sometimes you say things contrary to your inheritance in Christ during the heat of a moment, when angry, upset, hungry, or thirsty, much like Esau did when he was hungry.
Your birthright and relationship with Christ is your most prized possession. Do not despise it but treat it accordingly.
You are a child of the King.

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