Memorable Scripture: The Lord is in this Place

Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.” Genesis 28:16

Jacob had left home for the first time. He headed towards an unknown land filled with strangers.
On the way, he stopped for the night and slept. In a dream he saw a ladder where angels ascended and descended from heaven. God also reassured him of his inheritance and presence with him.
When he awakened, he realized God was still with him.
In his time many believed gods were territorial and did not stray from the mountains to the sea or from the jungle to the desert.
Jacob had left the territory of his family and his God and yet He is there!

God has no set territory and knows no boundaries. Sadly many people place a boundary on Him.
Likewise, some place a boundary on themselves declaring God off-limits in certain areas of their life.

Jacob discovered God would help him in his journey, to find a wife, and in prosperity.
Do not restrict the movements of God and you will discover much the same.

2 thoughts on “Memorable Scripture: The Lord is in this Place

  1. Long ago I used to think it was an awful thing for one to sleep & some even snored during service. God brought me to the realization that He knows NO boundaries. That truth seemed to open a lot of other truths for me. First of all I had a peace in me no matter what was happening in the sanctury. A small child could cry or little ones could do what they do. Or one would sing off key. God’s grace is amazing and His acceptance of a persons personal sacrifice. He taught me to concern my self with concentrating on my worship & leave the rest to Him. It took years to learn that although God is a gentleman He does not wait out side your door. He is right there. He knit me together in the womb. There is no part of me that I should hide from Him. Where ever I go , what ever I do, He is right there all the time. And it is OK to talk to Him whenever. Good is good.


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