Memorable Scripture: God still knows.

Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man!” 2 Samuel 12:7

I’ve had people say to me “you da man” but it’s not in the same context as in some good accomplishment, especially for David.
Over nine months have passed since the adulterous affair.
He got rid of the husband.
There’s no record of what happened to those in the palace that helped set up the sordid date. Perhaps they all received orders for relocation – perhaps falling victim to the same fate as Uriah.
He legitimately married the widow of Uriah and the whole thing seems on the up-and-up.
David can attempt to rid himself of everyone that knows what happened. He can move to another country and start life over and surround himself with people that never heard of him.
God still knows.

Nathan the prophet, a trusted advisor to the king, shows up at the palace and tells a story of a great injustice done to a local poor family at the hands of a well to do rich man.
The story outraged King David, who swore the rich man would fully repay for his atrocity.
“You are the man!” is Nathan’s reply.
The redeeming point is David confessed his sin.

I preach and teach the Gospel and it convicts people of sin. Others have often asked me if I knew what they have done because of the sermon I preached.
I really didn’t know anything.
God still knows.

You may very well get away with murder, adultery, lying, or some small sin that had no effect on anyone else. You may very well hide your past and present. You may very well pass yourself off as something you’re not.
God still knows.

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