Memorable Scripture: Death Satisfies Sin

I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me. 2 Samuel 12:23

The wages of sin is death. Without death, there is no reconciliation. Death (blood) satisfies God’s requirement for the penalty of sin.
David sinned and God put away that sin. But to satisfy the requirement death took the child. Like Jesus, the innocent took the place of the guilty.
Although he fasted and prayed for the life of the child, fasting and praying do not reconcile sin. Only death does.

Forty years ago this scripture embedded itself into my memory. I have always loved how David saw the mercy of God in death and eternal life.
He understood the reconciliation of himself to God and his child. He knew he could not bring the child back from the dead but he would go to him someday.

Death separates us in this life.
Death does not respect gender, age, or social standing.
Death comes for everyone.
However, Jesus conquered death so you have the opportunity for a reuniting with life – eternal life and Jesus is that life.

2 thoughts on “Memorable Scripture: Death Satisfies Sin

  1. Isn’t it kind of twisted to worship a human sacrifice?
    Why worship a creator who is “all powerful” and yet still expects human sacrifice ?


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