Memorable Scripture: Eyes of what?

Song of Songs 1:15
Behold, you are fair, my love!
Behold, you are fair!
You have dove’s eyes.

I’m sure Song of Solomon will not spark a lot of memories.
The first is this verse comparing the bride’s eyes to those of a dove.
I don’t find it very romantic.

I looked over at Linda this morning and said, “ You have the eyes of a dove!”
She got a blank look on her face and said, “What?”
I repeated, “You have the eyes of a dove!”
“The eyes of a dove?” was her reply. “Beady?”

Point proved.
Much is lost through the years in language, translation, and comparison.
What once was thought romantic is not so now.
Other words have evolved in meaning and definition over the years.
One thing that has no evolved is God’s love for you. Neither language, translation, or comparison alters that He died for you and resurrected for you, and is coming back for you.

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