Memorable Scripture: We need to change.

Malachi 3:6
For I am the Lord, I do not change;

This is an easy scripture to understand but a difficult one to comprehend.
When you look at sections of the Bible it seems God evolves throughout – from a time of no law to a time of a covenant of circumcision, then the Law of Moses, millennia later the appearance of the Messiah, and finally the writings of Paul on grace.
You should take the Bible as a whole and not sections to see God had a plan all along.
He hasn’t softened His stand on sin.
It still separates us from Him. The Old and New Testaments both condemn sin. No change.
I believe God sees eternity as one event. He sees yesterday, today, and forever at the same time.
If you are like me you remember parts of the past, live today, and hope and plan for the future – all limited to your brief lifetime.
He has no lifetime. He is eternal.
What does need to change is us – people.
Imagine if every person followed the Ten Commandments. All would live lives respecting God and each other. But we don’t live that way. And so it is us that need to change.

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