The Living and the Dead

Eccl 9:5 But the dead know nothing,

November 30th was the 2nd anniversary of Mark’s death.
My grandparents both died in the late 1990s.
Others friends and family passed away on dates scattered about the years.
I wonder what they are doing.
While those of us living continue to face adverse weather, a pandemic, another political election, and a supply chain breakdown.
They also missed birthdays, reunions, family get-togethers, and church.
Although the scripture says the dead know nothing, I am of the opinion they know nothing of what is going on in this life.
I believe they know plenty about what is going on around them.
When Jesus told the story of the death of a beggar and a rich man, He told of the comfort or torment of each. (Luke 16:19-31)
Do those that have passed think about those of us still living?
Does Mark think, “I wish Tim was here to see this!”
Do my grandparents long to talk with me as I often long to talk with them?
All I know from scripture is the rich man thought about his family coming to a place of torment like him and he wanted to prevent it.
I cannot truly answer these questions.
I know, like David, “I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.” 2 Sam 12:23
Until then, keep living for Christ, tell others about His salvation, and keep others from joining the rich man.

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