Ritual Washing, Baptism, & Sin

John 1:25 And they asked him, saying, “Why then do you baptize if you are not the Christ, nor Elijah, nor the Prophet?”

Yesterday I witnessed the baptism of my grandson by his dad.
I was a little concerned, having been taught baptism is an ordinance of the church and, therefore, to perform it takes someone that is ordained.
No worries.
Although Jeff did the baptism, it was the pastor that oversaw the ceremony and spoke the baptism proclamation.
There was a type of baptism in existence during the time of John and Jesus – ritual washing.
It mostly involved the hands and feet but at times included complete immersion of the body.
It was not known as baptism, since that is an English word from the Greek baptizo.
Like me, they were wondering if this is done correctly.
They did not understand what John was doing.
Many times I don’t understand things either.
Instead of wondering if the ritual washing or baptism is done correctly, I should give thanks that my grandson professed Jesus as his savior and followed it up in baptism.
To do this I need to look beyond my thoughts and into the mind of Christ.
Neither ritual washing nor baptism really “washes” away sin.
Ritual washing was dictated in the Law but, as with all the Law, it should cause us to be vigilant about sin in our lives.
Baptism also reminds us of the sins Jesus’ death washed away for us.
You bathe daily but, then, maybe there is one day you do nothing and don’t bathe.
You can sit around inside and never once get out; never sweating or wallowing in the dirt, and, therefore, you are [fairly] clean.
We fail to realize we can continue to sit inside and never go out, not sweat or wallow and sooner or later we are going to need to bathe simply because the body will become disgusting all by itself.
My mind can tell me, “I did not sin today” but my spirit is disgusting all by itself.
And just as a bath helps us realize how dirty and smelly we can get without doing anything – I believe the Lord want us to always be vigilant to know and understand the effect of sin in our lives.

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