Creating False Doctrine

Luke 22:34 Then He said, “I tell you, Peter, the rooster shall not crow this day before you will deny three times that you know Me.”

Let’s make up some false doctrine.
Our example is Jesus telling Peter about denying Him.
Studying this scripture it’s clear to see it involves a rooster crowing at dawn.
So two things are indicated.
First, you do not need to worry about your Christian testimony if you do not have a rooster.
Rooster’s know when you are sinning and will crow everytime you commit sin.
You are able to live as you like as long as there is no rooster or crowing nearby to indicate you did something wrong.
This is an obvious choice since most people don’t have the facilities to keep a rooster.
However, I do know those living in the country and own chickens.
It is a bit more tricky for them.
Christians with chickens, especially roosters, need to get up before dawn and praise the Lord a minimum of three times before the rooster begins crowing.
If you plan on sinning later on, like after the rooster crows, then you need to do more praise the Lord’s before the rooster crows.
Performing this simple task ensures you are good with God for the rest of the day.
If you sin later on in the day and did not have enough praises to cover it, then you can make up for the day by saying extra praises before the next crowing of the rooster.
Be aware that roosters do not take holidays or vacations.
Also the crowing of roosters is not timed to exact sunsrise and could occur earlier.
Once you begin this method of forgiveness of sin, you cannot end it by killing and cooking the rooster.
The rooster must die of natural causes or a natural predator.
NOTE: if you have a rooster and a chicken there is a good possibility you will hatch more roosters and will need to continue this method on a permanent basis.

Now we have some false doctrine to follow, completely based on scripture.
And that is just how it happens.
Someone takes it all out of context and creates some new doctrine.
It sounds crazy but what is crazier is someone else will believe it.

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